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  • To preserve your life stories
  • Something you can pass down to your grandchildren
  • A priceless heirloom for generations to come
  • Professionally done for the highest quality hi-def presentation

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Let Us Tell Your Story
Your personal story - it belongs to you and no one else. Human instinct guides us all to find Personal Memoir Films brings the past to life with DVD quality reproductions of the events that made you who you areways to record it and make our own "history." When we attempt to preserve
memories by taking photos, writing in a journal, or stashing away letters
and momentos, much is fragmented and lost. These things do
not provide a complete picture of "who am I?" And what
better gift can you give yourself - and your children - than
your own life story filled with your thoughts, feelings,
expressions, commentary, and best of all your voice.

Personal Memoir Films treats each client completely individually.
There are no "cookie cutter" templates here. We start with a
free, detailed questionnaire to begin our extensive research. From
here, we begin to specifically create your custom biography
which highlights your life stories. We professionally piece together
our expansive research, your photos and video and our Personal
Memoir Films personalized video interview. The result is a spectacular
and moving video tribute to your life!Personal Memoir Films

Far more than a photo or video scrapbook and much more than a
diary or journal, Personal Memoir Films captures the essence of
"you" for yourself and future generations. This priceless heirloom
will be preserved forever, providing your descendants a beautiful
piece of yourself.

  • To see a TV interview of Rich Auerbach press Here.
  • Preservation of your life stories in a format to be enjoyed
    time and again
  • Mobile service - at your convenience in your home or office
  • Highest quality video production - professional hi-def presentation
  • Creation of a precious gift for future generations to understand where you have been and who you are today